Installation of Quartus and ModelSim (13.1) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64 bit)

Instruction Set to install and configure Quartus and Modelsim for Krypton Boards on 64 bit Linux systems


  • Download Quartus from here.
  • Download ModelSim from here .

Installation Steps for Quartus and ModelSim

  • Untar the Quartus tarball.
  • Open up a terminal and change to that directory.
  • Open up the file in an editor.
  • Change the fist line from #!/bin/env bash to #!/usr/bin/env bash
  • Run the file as ./ and follow the installation GUI.
  • Since we are on 64 bit Architecture , follow the steps here religiously to configure Linux for Quartus and Modelsim.
  • Go to the bin directory in ModelSim installation folder and try running ./vsim.
  • You have successfully installed Quartus and ModelSim on 64 bit Linux.

Configure Quartus for Krypton Boards

  • To be added later