Was bored of editing every single .html file in my static site homepage and was very very difficult to manage the changes even with git. I had heard people saying cool stuff about Jekyll and its great static site generating power. And now that I have rolled this site up, I must say its magic :).

To add new posts, simply add a file in the _posts directory. include .html files using _layouts and universal site resources like header and footer available anyhwere on the site from the _includes directory.

Want to store small data , but afraid of SQL ? Jekyll got that covered too. Just add a .yaml file in the _data directory and include it anywhere on the site.

It appeals to the geek community as it has an inbuilt syntax highlighter Rogue when you want to share code on your blog and do it in a standalone manner without embedding stuff.

The best part about Jekyll is that it is supported by github, hence hosting would hardly be an issue. Well let’s make it FREE hosting on github pages :P.

Making a site with MaterializeCSS and Jekyll would take up some effort but maintainence would be a child’s play I’d say.

$ jekyll new my_blog
#=> Create a new blog 
$ jekyll serve
#=> Serves your blog on locahost:400.
$ git init 
$ git push
#=> Publish your blog on github 

Check out more features on Jekyll docs to get the most out of Jekyll.